domingo, 30 de agosto de 2020

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Were it not for the masks and the nearly empty cafés and restaurants, you'd think we were back to normal, granted that a normal without sporting events is a bit abnormal. Nearly everyone is wearing a mask when out and people act as if everything is business as usual. There are still those who do not realize the mask is supposed to cover the nose or those who occasionally remove it, but these are getting rarer. 

In Memphis there is a local ordinance requiring masks indoors at certain businesses for people older than 2-years old. The office of the mayor routinely posts data on how many complaints have been received for non-compliance, how many businesses have been investigated, how many received warnings, summons, etc.

Julian spent a few hours at puppy day camp at PetSmart and I am happy that the service is up again, as it opened a week ago. The staff was the same and they acted very matter-of-factely, so I assume that the employees managed to get by on the unemployment insurance and the CARES Act money ($600/week). Since the extra money got reduced to $200/week, it makes sense that more businesses have started to resume activity. 

This week I ordered some UberEats and the driver had just joined in August. He seemed like a driven young man, sent me regular updates on the progress of my order, and even thanked me for the tip. He was on the ball, so that's good. 

Hopefully, with fall and allergy season upon us, people will continue to be defensive in their behavior. I fear the worse, if we do not manage our behavior.

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