terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2020

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The best news today was that Jerry Falwell, Jr., the son of the evangelical preacher and Trump supporter, used to watch his wife have sex with a man about half her age. Obviously, this is really positive for women because the usual arrangement is that a man cheats and then his wife gets to make the public appearance to rehabilitate his image. 

At least with this scandal, the husband is the one trying to explain that his wife and the young man had an affair and the young man was trying to blackmail them. Falwell, a.k.a. the husband, does not admit to watching the other two have sex, but we cannot have it all,  can we? Plus the only thing we should care about is that the wife got laid and presumably had orgasms. I bet she moaned like a hot kettle on the stove, so that the husband could get off on it. It's absolutely delightful!

By coincidence, yesterday, I watched an interview with Esther Perel on YouTube--I actually ended up buying her book "Mating in Captivity," as it seemed a quite appropriate title for our times. Plus, I can read current affairs a lot faster than fiction, so it's good for my ego. 

Anyway, in the video, she theorized that we went from absolute monogamy in which we mated with a single person for life, to serial monogamy in which we have relationships with several people over our lifetime, but one at a time; the next frontier, it seems, is knocking down monogamy and just finding a different arrangement with multiple partners simultaneously.

Change is inevitable. 

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