domingo, 9 de agosto de 2020

Version 2.097

The big accomplishment of the day was that I remembered to go get my hair colored and cut and I even managed to buy some shampoo for colored hair. I have no idea why a bottle of shampoo is used up faster than a bottle of conditioner, but I need to get the ratio right because I am tired of too many half used conditioner bottles that don't go with the shampoo. The essence of a first world problem.

But it was a nice day and I read some of the magazines I purchased last week. It is weird to see photos of a world that half-vanished in the meantime, but it is not the first time that humanity had to reinvent itself. If anything, what the last 100+ years show us is that we are getting much better at tearing down and rebuilding and that has come with great benefits for most everyone. This time is not any different.

In the afternoon, I had a conference call with my Houston ladies. I do believe this week's call is going to cost me $600+, as one of them sent me a link to an art sale. Funny thing is that the painting she thought I would care for did not do anything for me, but there was this one that kind of blinked at me, but I played hard to get and continued going through the listing. In the end, I returned to that Charis Ammon painting and sent an email to the gallery to see if it's available. I am really excited about it, but I am trying to not keep my hopes up in case someone has purchased it already.

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