quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2020

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Over the last couple of days, I have seen mentioned a fundraiser by António Rolo Duarte, a boy who has decided to go study Portuguese history in England at the expense of the Portuguese taxpayers, but claims that his scholarship has been delayed. indefinitely There are a few things that come to my mind.

First, if you're going to study Portuguese history, why do you need to go abroad? Would you not be better served by staying in Portugal and asking a foreign professor to be in your committee? That is what makes the most sense to me. For example, I have never seen an American student going abroad to study an American issue, but I have seen American students going abroad to study issues that pertain to the country where they go. At most, it would make sense to go to England to study a portion of Portuguese history that has to do with England.

Second, how does this serve the public interest of the Portuguese taxpayers? Is this a topic that the student would be unable to research in Portugal, thus the taxpayers need to finance access to a foreign location/experts? 

Third, if a foreign university invites you to do a Ph.D., why would they not facilitate access to in-house funding via scholarships or assistantships? If you're that good that they invite you to stay, then they obviously feel like they have something to gain from your work, so they should be willing to pay you for your Ph.D. Just pick a topic for which they can provide you with funding or get a teaching assistantship. 

Fourth, the motivation for this fundraiser seems to be based on a lie and misrepresentation of the conduct of a Portuguese public entity. I assume that his scholarship will be cancelled and he will be facing two lawsuits: one for fraud, the other one for defamation, according to article 187 of the Portuguese Penal Code.

Fifth, he should be expelled from his Ph.D. A student that exhibits this kind of behavior and lack of morals should not get a Ph.D. 

Sixth, I feel sorry for his family who has to put up with his public tantrums and I am pissed that his behavior makes Portuguese people look bad abroad. We, the people who work outside of Portugal and do our best to portray ourselves and the country in the best light possible, do not need assholes making us look bad.

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  1. Este rapaz é filho do falecido jornalista Pedro Rolo Duarte, e há bloggers a fazer publicidade e a pedir que apoiem o crowfunding do menino. Tinha o PRD como um jornalista correcto: se for o caso, deve estar a dar voltas no túmulo...


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