domingo, 16 de agosto de 2020

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I got the strangest message today. A friend of mine from Portugal emailed me a piece of news saying that the President of the Portuguese Republic had rescued two women at the beach. There are so many things wrong with this that I cannot even begin to rationalize how a newspaper would print such a thing without asking the obvious questions. Instead, they hail the President as a hero as if he were Clark Kent.

Why is the President rescuing random women at the beach? Does he not have a security detail to protect him and keep him away from dangerous situations? Is he not concerned that if something happens to him, we'd have a political crisis in the middle of a pandemic, meaning people have bigger fish to fry? Why was it caught on camera by the media? Has the Portuguese Presidency turned into reality TV? And why would an ageing man who, on the onset of a pandemic locks himself at home, be so willing to jump in the water to touch random people? 

Oy, is there anyone at home over there or have the Portuguese lost their marbles completely?

I suppose that this is so utterly pathetic that it merely indicates that the status quo is degrading fairly quickly. At least, everything is pretty well documented these days, so historians will have plenty of evidence to comb through when trying to figure out the level of stupidity that has befallen Portugal.

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