sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2020

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A few months ago, I filled in my United States Census information online. In the form there was a question regarding my background and I listed myself as Portuguese. The Portuguese diaspora in the United States is trying to make itself count, so we have been networking to make sure that we list our Portuguese heritage. 

I don't think people in Portugal realize that when Americans talk about White or Caucasian, there are a lot of undertones to it because people in the U.S. also identify themselves by the country where their ancestors immigrated from. Thus, it is normal for there to be news about Kamala Harris' background, just like when JFK made it to the Presidency, it was news that an Irish Catholic had been elected. Even if Kamala Harris had been of European ancestry, if she had a unique heritage, people would talk about it. 

What I wish people in Portugal would discuss is why aren't there several women stepping up to run against Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa or being considered for party leaders, especially why doesn't the socialist party have a female leader in the works.   

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