sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2020

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Other than work, not much happened today. For the most part, I am still self-isolating. I maintain personal contact with very few people and I go out to buy essentials only when absolutely necessary. I have also had a few medical appointments. I have not been to a museum since February, when I attended the opening of Hank Willis Thomas' exhibit at Crystal Bridges, in Bentonville, AR. In that visit, I stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel, which I really love. Their contemporary art pieces are really spectacular. 

Today, I got a message from the Park Lane Hotel, in NYC's Central Park announcing a 40% off promotion. I felt like hoping on a plane and going to New York, but instead, I'll just be dreaming about it for a while. The good thing is that it's already been five months since we started to isolate. How could time have flown so quickly? But we still have months to go before we are out of the woods.

I did not vote in today's election for the Shelby County school district. I don't feel like I have a stake on the ground or know enough about the issues, although I should probably be more engaged, since my taxes help finance the schools. I still need to change my address in my voter registration, since if we end up voting by mail for the Presidential election, I will not be able to. But I am not excited about the upcoming election. I have no idea how we ended up with Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden and I am not happy about it.  Two white old men: why do I need to vote for a white old man?


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