segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2020

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 It is Sunday evening and I am already yearning for Friday, as next weekend is Labor Day weekend, so no work on Monday. I made quite a bit of progress on my "Mating in Captivity" book and it is quite easy to read. Some information is counter-intuitive, like the reference to how women elicit social change in relationships. I had seen that before, but it is never enough to remind ourselves that the way we choose to live our life does not have to be like other people did in the past. The Forty Rules of Love were kind of put in the back burner, as there is only so much love that I can handle in a sitting, but I'll get around and maybe I'll even finish it next weekend. 

A person was shot last night in Portland, OR, as pro-Trump supporters clashed with anti-Trump demonstrators, but I think this is just the beginning. It will get more violent as we head into the election. Portland as seen its share of violence these year, but I hope they can overcome it. Of course, it does not help the fact that Portland is the whitest city in the U.S. and it has a long history of racism and white supremacy. Maybe all this violence serves the purpose of forcing the city to cut ties with its past.

Other than that, there is not much else going on in the Trump Presidency. He has no plan and there are very few new faces around him. Plus, Republicans have been relatively quiet. When Americans start to act quiet, you know that something is up. These people were bred to have an opinion and not be afraid of saying it. But one cannot be too confident. On the eve of the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton had something like 87% probability of winning. But it never materialized...  

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  1. Era conveniente frizar que o morto era um 'Trump Suporter'. O que se houve na gravação de um 'antifa' é "I've found one" e 2 tiros no peito. Como é lógico, é obra de uma supremacista branco racista, que defende as cores de bl@cklives (don't)mater.


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