terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2020

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I was browsing the Cabana Magazine Instagram and, after clicking on #cabanamood, ended up in a feed that belongs to a rug seller in Paris. I really love the idea of rugs, but I try not to use that many because rugs and dogs are a bit of a pain. But still I am a bit obsessed with them and can spend hours looking at photos or even browsing in a store, although this latter pastime tends to be expensive. Once I visited a vintage Kilim rug store in Houston with the sole intention of admiring their product and, within a few minutes, I was buying a rug. At least it was not that expensive, I think I got it for less that $400.

Perhaps I am a bit of a masochist, but every once in a while I search for Arraiolos rugs online. My thinking is that maybe someone is selling them on Etsy, like one finds Turkish rugs or even pillow covers made from vintage Turkish rugs. Or maybe a Portuguese artisan has her own creations, I wonder. But I hardly ever find anything, although this year is slightly better than last. You'd think people would be posting photos like crazy and trying to sell it. Maybe even sell vintage Arraiolos.

I follow several American women who sell vintage rugs online. I even bought one a while back: $125 for a small door rug. But anyway, with the Portuguese post office not working, it's probably better that online shopping has not taken off. God forbid anyone might try to make money during the pandemic; that would be just too insensitive. It's better to wait for the EU to send money, which has the added benefit of allowing the government to continue corrupting the country.  

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