quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2020

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 And on my 100th day of writing, we learn that Kamala Harris is the pick for Joe Biden's running mate. She is a good choice, as she has been thoroughly researched during the primaries and has name recognition. Plus her weakness, which is her having been tough on crime when she was Attorney General of California, is not going to hurt her that much. Black people will not punish her for it and women will appreciate that she's a black woman, especially given how sensitive women on the left have become to racial issues. And she's also of Indian descent, so Asian-Americans also get representation on a ticket for the first time ever. 

The main drawback of the Biden-Harris ticket is that they are both from Democratic states. Well, that's the main drawback objectively; I suppose that the main drawback for me is Joe Biden himself, who stands for everything that progressives say they want to move away from: old white man. Of course, people who vote Democrat don't care about that, just like people who vote Republican don't care about Donald Trump's negative stuff. Like one of my Republican friends told me yesterday, Donald Trump is funny, then she added that it wasn't funny the stuff that he said, but he was funny. It's not rational, but people will find a way to rationalize it.

I just realized that I spoke to two friends on the phone today: one a Republican male, another one a Democratic woman. After a string of "what elses", my Republican friend asked me what I thought about Kamala Harris and I told him the truth: I am indifferent, my problem is Joe Biden. Plus I feel like I'm sandwich meat -- I can't complain about Biden to my Democratic friends and my Republican friends find a way of justifying anything that I say about Donald Trump. My friend's way of comforting me is by telling me that Biden cannot put together a sentence, but Donald Trump can. "What are you talking about, Trump says gibberish all the time," I replied, but he repeated his claim. It is completely pointless to argue.

All of this would be funny if it weren't so sad, and I still feel that things will get worse before they can get better. With the pandemic roaring and downward pressure on wages, plus unemployment and lots of free time, soon we will have technological innovation kicking in at full speed. God only knows what's about to hit us. Change is hard; that's why hardly anyone changes unless they have to.


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