terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2021

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The next two days will be very exciting in the U.S.: tomorrow, Georgia will have its runoff for the two U.S. Senate seats, which will determine which party will have the majority, and, on Wednesday, the Senate will certify the results of the Electoral College vote. In the meantime, President Trump and his allies continue their effort to overturn his loss on the election.

I have a feeling that he does not realize the implications of losing, meaning that he will have to move out of the White House. He probably thinks that this is like a bankrupcy, where you have meetings with the creditors and still get to carry on with life as usual. Well, I hope someone packs his bags before he leaves for Florida.

Of course, in about three years, we will likely be entertaining Ivanka Trump on her bid to get elected to something. Could it be the Senate, could it be the White House? I'm kind of curious to see how all of that will unfold. Of course, there is a chance that she will face legal action against her in the meantime. She can still run for office if she is indicted on criminal charges, but if she is convicted, things start to get complicated at the state-level, even though a convicted fellon is allowed to be President. It should be interesting.

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