quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2021

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And on hump day, January 13, 2021, Mr. Trump was impeached for a second time by the House of Representatives. We shall wait until after the inauguration for his trial in the Senate, but I very much doubt that he will escape this time. I have seen quite a few people saying "too little, too late," that he is DOA, thus why bother now torturing the man? He is about to be DOA because people are fighting back, the Am4erican people never stopped fighting him. It is not enough that he lost the election, for he can still wreak havoc, as he has so aptly proven. In fact, his plans for after the Presidency were to create a TV channel, which does not seem harmless at all.

The amount of anti-American sentiment is a bit mindboggling; but, certainly, there will come a time when the western world will be begging for America to lead yet again. America is not perfect, but the world with a weak America is a bit unsafer than the alternative. Anyway, the country is broken, so it must be mended and steered back in the right direction. If other countries feel like that is an opportunity to make fun of Americans, so be it.

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  1. Peço desculpa

    Qual o significado de DOA?


    Jorge Delgado Nunes

    1. Olá Jorge, significa "dead on arrival". É um termo muito ouvido nas séries policiais, a pessoa estava morta quando chegou a polícia.

    2. Muito obrigado Rita.
      Que tudo continue o melhor possível consigo.


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