sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2021

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Mr. Trump is still in office and has attempted to recant, but nobody believes him. The staffers that are still in the White House are worried that they will be unemployable after this. You play with fire, you get burned. Americans appreciate the crazies only until a point. If you go too far, they will tear your life with no mercy. And that is one of the greatest frustrations about Trump because a big chunk of the population believed that he had gone to far and needed to be held accountable, while the rest were under the impression that all of his behavior was in good fun. This week, he clarified his position and for that I am thankful.

Nevertheless, he still has support from some folks, just like he said he would, even if he shot someone on fifth avenue. I do not have a problem with that: we do not all have to agree to live in the same country, but one does feel reassured that, when confronted with reality, most of the people choose the side of common decency. I do not take that for granted.

Speaking of common decency, the Portuguese Prime Minister has shown, yet again, that he fails to grasp the concept. He is under the impression that criticizing the government is being against the country. It is the exact opposite, as those who want what is best for the country will criticize when confronted with an opportunity to do so. And there are lots of opportunities because the Prime Minister and his cabinet are incompetent people, not to mention corrupt. You can justify making a mistake once, but the second time around, when you're at the national government level, it is not so easily justifiable, nor can something wrong be offered as something above scrutiny.

It seems clear to me that he is already trying to justify his future failures, should there be any. When he fails, it was because of others; when he succeeds, it was because of himself. After being around the same block several times, we get the gist.

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