segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2021

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Alas, it is Sunday evening and I kind of wish I had a little bit more time in the weekend, as last week was so intense that I ended up working until 9 PM last Friday and also worked a bit today. I did not study any for my driver's license exam and my friends are already after me, asking when I will get it done. To be honest, if I were still in Houston, I think I would've given up my car and just used Uber/Lyft, plus public transportation. In Memphis, such proposition is infeasible.

But I had a very good day. I woke up and remembered that I had not picked up the mail yesterday, so I found the Home Owner's Association newsletter and, low and behold, one of the neighbors had nominated me for the "Kindness Korner" for being so thoughtful and caring for his mother-in-law, who is 86.

I baked a couple of things, both from the Sweet Laurel cookbook/blog. I have been making their grain-free popovers for several weeks and it has become one of my favorite breakfasts. Today, I also tried some almond butter cookies, which turned out quite good -- the original recipe actually calls for sunflower seed butter, but I did not have that. It's funny, but I like almond butter just fine, although I am not a big fan of peanut butter; I think the only way I like it is in Thai cooking.

I was quite social today and entertained a few video calls and chats with friends. Who would've thought that little old me, who used to hide from the neighbors with anxiety attacks for being unable to greet them, would have so many friends and acquaintances all over the world?

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