terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2021

Version 2.253

In the middle of my afternoon, a friend wrote me to let me know that MRS has tested positive for coronavirus. How on God's green earth did he get infected? And how convenient, in the middle of the campaign, to pull off a Trump and get Covid-19. I am sure that all the media will be talking about it, as if they were not devoting enough attention to our prima donna excuse of a President. I pity the other candidates who cannot even pretend in their wildest dreams that they stand a chance, although they could start behaving even more crazy to get people's attention.

What excuse have the people now, the voters? If you love your country, do you vote for an elderly man infected with a virus that can induce mental disorders or even death? I would not, but then again, we, the emigrants, are not able to vote because of the pandemic. But I am quite certain that as long as ugly pretentious men are able to participate in celebrations of the 1974 revolution, Democracy is alive and well in Portugal. If only decency and decorum were that easily safeguarded.

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