terça-feira, 10 de março de 2015

Será que o Russell Crowe...

não quer governar Portugal? Se não der, podia ir governar o Benfica.

A importância de ser carismático:

And Crowe didn’t hesitate to use his acting chops to bring the world’s best players to Souths.

A importância do design e de ter brio na aparência:

Off the field, Crowe dressed the squad in Armani suits (“It is important to dress for success”). He redesigned every piece of club merchandise and ran his eye over the labeling (“The ‘O’ is out of line”). For some games, he replaced the club’s emblem—a fluffy white bunny—with a black rabbit (“Black rabbits eat people”).

A importância de inspirar os trabalhadores:

A 2007 documentary, South Side Story, which follows the early days of Crowe’s ownership, shows the actor blowing dust from the pages of the book and reading passages to the players: “Our blood should boil every time we run on to play. It’s time to spoil the party.”

A importância de tratar bem as pessoas, ser humilde, e pedir-lhes ajuda:

“The great success that Russell Crowe’s had is, he has recognized that it was the people’s team.” Crowe turned to those people to help repair his club’s finances. In a video message to supporters before the 2010 season, he challenged them to prove their loyalty by paying up for membership.

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