sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016


"Portugal has collided head-on with international investors over a controversial decision to restructure one of the country’s biggest banks as the new Socialist government tries to balance a business-friendly environment with a pledge to end years of punishing austerity.

Some of the world’s biggest bond investors have threatened legal action after the Bank of Portugal imposed losses on almost €2bn of senior debt at Novo Banco. Moves to alter or annul deals in the transport sector, including privatising the national airline, have sparked similar protests from angered foreign companies.

The threats from investors have highlighted the narrow path António Costa, the new centre-left prime minister, has to tread between keeping Portugal open for business and retaining the support of the far left parties on which his minority government depends.

“[Mr Costa] faces the impossible task of reconciling competing demands between his leftwing partners and the international investment community,” said Mujtaba Rahman of the Eurasia Group risk consultancy. This was likely “to have a negative impact on Portugal’s business environment for several years”."

Fonte: FT.com, 15/1/2016

Como eu tinha dito na minha apreciação das alternativas de governação de Portugal, em termos de risco, o nosso ilustre Primeiro Ministro é uma panela de pressão com o lume no máximo. Vamos lá a uma música para relaxar...

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