sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2015

Isto promete!

Um tweet do Ian Bremmer, president do Eurasia Group:

Uma op-ed de Mohamed El-Erian a dizer que o Tsipras pode muito bem ser brilhante; para já demonstra um talento fascinante para manobras políticas:

Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s charismatic prime minister, has shown a fascinating talent for political maneuvering.

When an impressive electoral victory carried him to office in January, he inherited a horrid economic and financial situation. He initially struggled to gain control, and relations with creditors collapsed in an acrimonious mess. But as Greece teetered on the edge of an economic and institutional abyss, he repeatedly caught everyone off guard by taking charge of a narrative that was slipping away both at home and abroad.

Now, he may be able to deliver what many (including me) thought improbable: a policy deal that is acceptable to the majority of Greeks, the country’s European partners and the International Monetary Fund. Yet, as brilliantly as he appears to have navigated the crisis so far, he still faces an uphill battle that will determine his political legacy.

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