quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016

Ora bolas...

"Friday was also a trying day for Ben Farren. The founder of Spoke, a London online retailer of trousers and shorts, sources his wares in Portugal, paying his invoices in euros. “Literally there were bills to be paid on Friday and Monday, and I am absolutely kicking myself for not paying those a few days earlier,” said Farren, 38. “I’m eating it because I don’t want to pass the cost on to my customers.”

Invoices weren’t Farren’s only headache. Friday, as he was days away from finalizing the sale of his two-bedroom London flat, the buyer asked for a 10 percent price cut because of the referendum result. By Monday, the sale was off, and so was Farren’s purchase of a larger home for his wife and two children. For now, they’ll have to stay put in their current place."

Fonte: Bloomberg, 6/29/2016

Aparecemos na Bloomberg! Mas parece-me que o Made in Portugal vai dar lugar ao Made in Vietnam. E logo agora que o salário mínimo tinha aumentado e as coisas iam tão bem encarreiradas...

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