quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016

Thanks to Brexit

"Dublin’s commissioner for startups, Niamh Bushnell, reacted to the U.K.’s shock decision to exit the European Union by issuing a press release with “Thanks to Brexit” as a headline. Her point was that after last week’s vote, question marks hang over almost all the key ingredients that make London so attractive for technology companies.


Dublin has a number of soon-to-be-unique attractions within the EU. A young, native English-speaking, tech-savvy population of 4.6 million people, an openness to overseas talent and a government largely in thrall to tech companies. But perhaps most notably, Ireland offers the lowest corporate tax in Western Europe: 12.5 percent.

It also offers an attractive place for licensing intellectual property rights, with patent and copyright income subject to just 6.25 percent tax in many circumstances, and 25 percent tax credits available for research and development spending. That's why many U.S. tech companies use Ireland as the base for licensing their technology to all their European subsidiaries."

Fonte: Bloomberg, 29/6/2016

Enquanto isso, Portugal tem uma população cada vez mais envelhecida. Foda-se! (Literal e figurativamente...)

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